From Sue H:-

Excuse me, Peter, but why are you telling the people of Bradwell and Tillingham that they need a windfarm, when you are advocating visiting farmers markets in Southend ? No way we could cycle there.

And exactly how did you get to Bradwell to deliver those scaremongering leaflets and to the very informative meeting that David Brierley addressed – bet you didnt use a bike!!

If you want a windfarm so much, you are very welcome to have one in Southend – perhaps I’ll contact npower and give them your address


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From Councillor James Abbott:-

Had a look at your web site on recommendation of a colleague – good info. on threat of flooding along Essex coast.

As you say, wind power is not the only answer, but it has a vital role to play. As well as the need for well planned farms, there is a great opportunity for micro generation on individual houses and offices, etc. Those so opposed to wind power should go on holiday to Denmark or Sweden (by boat of course) where turbines are a common sight, though never overwhelming the landscape. And they make very little noise!



Cllr. James Abbott
Essex Green Party Co-ordinator

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