Green Travel

This is a tough one. The big problem is that our society is very disorganised so that vast numbers of people live a long way from their workplace. In addition, most of the industries traditionally associated with rural areas (farming) have become massively mechanised. The vast majority of people who live in villages work in towns and travel there every day by 4×4. Rural housing is generally so expensive that local people cannot afford to live where they were brought up. Bus services became uneconomic years ago and are now largely non-existent. Roads linking villages to towns are often narrow and occupied by fast cars and huge lorries, making cycling a highly dangerous and unpleasant experience.

In Southend-on-Sea, the vast majority of car journeys taken are of under 3 miles. That would probably take about 10 minutes in a car and 20 by bike (a lot less if you are reasonably fit).

Below are some thoughts on how to improve your green travel credentials.

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