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SOUTHMINSTER: Losing windfarm will cost area millions, say businessmen

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

THE COUNTY’S business people have stepped into the controversy surrounding the Middlewick wind farm – and given the project their backing.

The Essex Chambers of Commerce is urging Maldon District Council to give the proposed wind farm the go-ahead and claims that millions of pounds could be lost to the economy if it is not given the green light..

Developer RidgeWind has submitted a planning application for nine turbines to be installed at a site approximately 3km east of Southminster for 25 years only.

Essex Chambers of Commerce Managing Director Denise Rossiter said: “After closely examining the application, we have given it our full backing due to the vast economic, community and environmental benefits we believe the project will bring to the area.”

It has been estimated that £5 million will come into the local economy during the nine months it will take to build the wind farm. The construction and hospitality industries particularly stand to benefit.

“The developers are keen to use as many local suppliers as possible – therefore the gravel, concrete and so on, will all come from Essex firms. The contractors will need places to stay, eat and be entertained whilst the construction takes place.”

There will also be direct investment into the local community from RidgeWind.

“Local people will really feel the benefit of the wind farm as RidgeWind contributes funds from its own coffers into Community Benefit Schemes.

“Based on their proposal for nine turbines, then the Middlewick fund is going to be around £54,000 per year for the 25 years of the wind farm.”

She added, “The Essex Chambers of Commerce will do all they can to help the Middlewick windfarm get the green light.”