Two schools in Southend want their own “wind farm”

Westborough Primary School in Westcliff on Sea brought forward a plan in 2008 to construct a wind turbine in the school to inspire children. Sadly a vocal minority of residents objected to the scheme and a grossly irresponsible council (on a majority vote) rejected the application. But the school has not given up the fight to encourage children to gain an insight into how an environmentally sound future might look, and the issue has been referred on appeal to the planning inpector.  A decision is expected imminently.

Undeterred by the ignorance of some, a proposal for a wind turbine in the new Hinguar Primary School in Shoeburyness has been made. The school has submitted an application for a 15 metre turbine, with an eye on the new feed in tariff scheme, and the potential to sell electricity back tho the grid when the school is unoccupied.

This application is at a very early stage and needs the support of residents if it is to overcome the hostility of councillors, many of whom have failed to grasp the perilous state of the nation’s energy supplies.

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