Let’s run school on the wind!

A SCHOOL could power itself if plans for a wind turbine prove successful.

Blenheim Primary School, in Leigh, is applying for permission to put up a 15m mast with wind turbine on the school grounds.

It is further proof of the school’s commitment to the environment since it joined the Eco-Schools programme, which promotes teaching children about the environment.

The programme also encourages schools to adopt a turbine for their energy needs.

Allison Ellis, spokeswoman for Eco-Schools, said: “The school could become self-sustainable when it comes to electricity.

“One wind turbine can provide enough electricity required for one school.

“If it produces more than they need, they could even sell it back to the national grid. It depends on their location and how much wind there is.

“There are already a number of schools where a wind turbine produces all the energy they need.”

Ms Ellis said a turbine was great for education.

She said: “Children have to learn there is a limit to the valuable resources on our earth and the importance of looking at renewable energy sources.

“A wind turbine is a fantastic way to do it.”

Small wind turbines are becoming more popular as a way to produce electricity.

Marks and Spencer, in High Street, Southend, plan to install three wind turbinea on their roof as part of its ongoing refurbishment.

In 2004, Rayleigh man David Nisbet broke the mould when he became the first person in south Essex to install a 9m wind turbine in his yard to power his home.

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