Farm could draw the tourists


Farm could draw the tourists

THE world’s biggest windfarm is proposed and Councillor Garston (in charge of sustainable Southend) is lukewarm about it because it may not benefit Southend!

Has he heard of eco-tourism, people have been cruising out to see the wartime forts for 50 years, imagine how many people would come to Southend to cruise the majestic sight of 270 wind turbines.

Essex’s reputation would rise worldwide and the power industry will beat a path to our door to find out more.

The pollution saved by the wind farm will contribute to the worlds air becoming more breathable and inspired by our example, such farms will be built all over the globe.

Richard Faraway
Sunrise Healthfoods

Monstrosity of turbines will spoil scenery for all

THE question of having wind farms and erecting wind turbines is being discussed more and more.

Some areas in Britain do not want monstrous tall turbines built in beautiful scenic areas, in hill-top or seaside locations.

Recently people have erected them in their own back gardens much to their neighbours annoyance because of the noise and the height of the towers.

Wind turbines need not be tall and noisy.

Former Soviet weapons scientists have developed turbines that are almost silent and of a size that could be fitted on top of houses, supplementing existing power supplies.

This group are developing a turbine where the blades revolve around the vertical axis and is much shorter portable and requires little maintenance.

This means the turbines would be less visible and less noisy than the present ones we have.

British companies should be looking at all types of designs that would make the presently designed tall towers less than half the size they are.

This would give villages and towns like Southend more clean power without spoiling the scenery and the environment around us.

John Anderson
Canvey Independent Party
Councillor for Canvey Central

Tidal power will beat the wind

I DO NOT know what all the fuss is about with an offshore wind farm when we have abundant, controllable energy from tidal power on our own doorstep which is not subject to the whims of the wind.

All that’s needed is a new seawall before the Thames’ deep water commences stretching from Canvey to the other side of the pier to form a lido/lagoon.

With two tides of trapped water a day and by the use of turbines set in the wall there would be sufficient electrical power to serve the whole of Southend.

If the wall were to be constructed as a future flood barrier and wide enough for a dual tolled carriageway with locks for yachts and fishermen, an added benefit would be to relieve traffic congestion around the town without impingement on the landward side.

In 1997 this multimillion pound scheme, detouring from the Saddlers Farm roundabout via Canvey, was proposed as a Millenium Project but the Governemnt preferred a more expensive pleasure dome.

Ed Jackman
The Leas

[ thinks this is a ghastly idea, almost as damaging as building a nuclear power station on Two Tree Island]

Windfarm is what we need

OBJECTORS to the proposed huge windfarm in the Thames Estuary should think about the alternatives.

On the one hand, if the Greenland ice cap melts, seas will rise by seven metres and we won’t have a Foreshore from which to admire the view.

On the other hand, the front runners are either wind power or nuclear power. From even a NIMBY point of view, the great advantage of wind power is that it is not only cheaper but, when finished with, can be dismantled. We would be stuck with nuclear power stations for at least 30 years and with their deadly waste for virtually forever, And we still haven’t found a safe haven for the last 50 years’ worth.

One can understand those wanting to preserve our view over the Thames but I would think their wrath would be better directed at the giant chimney of the disused power station opposite us on the Isle of Grain dominating the entire landscape, rather than a few dots on the horizon to the east.

John West
Southend and District CND

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